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5 star solution for a 5 star hotel

hotel in england

An exodraft chimney fan system optimizes the flame and ensures the best possible visual effect.

Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa is an elegant country-house hotel with Michelin Star dining. This magnificent five-star hotel has a spectacular new luxury spa facility with a remarkable 6-metre wide gas-fired flame bed as a key feature of the pool area.

Sean Treaddell of Burning Desires, the specialist installers of the flame bed, explained that it has four gas burners, each with its own individual exodraft chimney fan system to optimise the flame and ensure the best possible visual effect.

Sean continued ”it is unusual to have four chimney fans above one feature – the key thing is the finite balance of the fans and the airflow through the fire aperture – you could only achieve that with really precise individual electronic controls of the fans, and that’s what the exodraft system provides”.

exodraft has helped many clients to achieve the dreams of fireplaces and awkward flue runs that were improving impossible – from private dwellings, listed buildings, public sector, local authorities and public houses.

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The RSVG was developed specifically for gas fireplaces and individual gas-fired boilers.

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EBC10v2 is an automatic control with a pressure transducer (XTP) for one boiler or other installations with one heat source.

With the help of the XTP sensor, which is installed in the chimney, the low pressure is monitored and maintained by regulating the speed of the chimney fan.

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