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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for general food production

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Today, the food industry faces the necessity of improving the efficiency of the production process in order to reduce production costs. This is necessary to enable the individual company to position itself better in a competitive market and increase profits. This can be attained by using heat recovery in food production, which reuses the excess heat generated during the production process, by transferring it into hot water that may be used later for any number of purposes.

By using exodraft’s heat recovery system and mechanical chimney draught, which are customized to the specific food production process, the company can exploit energy that would otherwise have been wasted and reuse it in the production cycle.

Normally, for instance, only 33-35% of the total heat is really used during the baking process, while the rest dissipates into the atmosphere in form of hot air or steam. Food quality and safety in production also requires large amounts of heat and subsequent cooling in order to kill microorganisms in the product. Other examples are fermentation processes and washing and drying of ingredients. The heat may disappear in several ways, such as via flue gasses or steam, but can instead be transferred into hot water for reuse through heat exchangers.

exodraft offers solutions that exploit the heat that is normally wasted. For instance, products like Basic Plate (BP) 500 for heat recovery or a channel fan (e.g. CFIR 400) for draught control. This provides unique options for the food industry – installing our heat recovery system provides several advantages, among them a savings in production cost and a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is done by exploiting the major sources of waste heat in the production process in question, reusing this heat through our heat recovery system. The heat, which is transferred into hot water, can, for instance, be stored in buffer tanks for later use.

exodraft’s chimney fans can be used to control the chimney draught associated with production processes using ovens or boilers. In most cases, the chimney draught is affected by external factors, such as air temperature or wind conditions. These external factors impact chimney draught control, causing greater energy consumption in order to keep the heat production consistent. exodraft’s chimney fans may be beneficial for the food industry, as the maintain consistent draught for ovens and boilers regardless of external conditions. They contribute to reducing energy consumption, thus providing a savings in terms of production costs.

We have greatly increased our efficiency, and it requires hardly any maintenance

Ken SchwarzeOwner of Schwarze Bäckerei

Ovens and boilers can reach 550°C within the scope of industrial food production. Reducing heat consumption in the production process not only saves production costs, it also reduces CO2 emissions, benefiting the environment. If you contact us, our team of engineers will help you discover how much your heat consumption can be reduced using heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught, and they will present you with a feasibility plan that outlines how soon your investment will have paid for itself.

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