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Who is Exodraft?

With sales in more than 40 countries and the best product range on the market, Exodraft is the world leader in solutions for mechanical chimney draught and heat recovery from flue gas/process heat.

Our products are built on a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between combustion and chimney draught, and we solve problems with insufficient chimney draught for households and businesses alike. 


Happy Exodraft customers

  • “We have been met with great professionalism from Exodraft, along with great flexibility, so the system we’ve installed accurately fits our needs. Our results show that we have substantial savings each month – which means that the solution will have paid itself off in about 2½ years.”

    Lars Wildenschild
    CEO, FJ Industries
  • “Exodraft and DOT have had a solid collaboration. They’ve really been more of a collaborative partner as opposed to just a supplier.”

    dot man
    Poul-Erik Roed-Christensen
    Factory manager DOT, Køge
  • ”The Exodraft chimney fan has made things easier for us in a lot of ways. It means we can fire up the oven the exact same way every single day. We are no longer at the mercy of weather and outside temperatures like we were before installing the chimney fan.”

    ubn man
    Lars Gjeding
    Restaurant manager, UBN
  • ”The reason that we chose Exodraft as the supplier was that they were able to offer the most compact and efficient heat recovery unit on the market as a turn-key solution. Our expectations have been completely met, if not exceeded.”

    Marc Oliver Staehle
    CEO, Staehle Gmbh