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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for paper factories

paper mills

Heat recovery gives most manufacturing  industries a unique option to reduce costs in the production process. This happens through a heat conversion process, where heat energy from the production is collected to be reused for several different purposes. In paper factories, there are several processes, such as producing paper pulp and drying paper, that generate a lot of waste heat, only to release it into the atmosphere.

Heat waste in paper factories usually takes the form of steam or flue gasses, but the heat can be reused by transferring it into hot water, which can then be stored in, for instance, buffer tanks, at the desired temperature. exodraft provides heat recovery solutions for paper factories and other related industries. We install heat recovery systems and chimney fans for chimney draught control, thereby optimizing efficiency and reduce consumption during the paper production process.

The amount of heat that can be stored and the cost reductions may vary according to the production plant in question because of factors like size, adaptability of integration and process technology, the paper production process, and the amount of waste heat. During paper drying, the waste heat, which is spread in form of steam, can be converted by using exodraft’s heat exchangers and stored as hot water for any number of purposes. Thus, the hot steam can be converted into heat once again, which can be used in the same drying process.

This way, energy self-sufficiency through the heat recovery process can be extremely beneficial in paper factories. The primary advantage is the significant reduction in production cost, since excess heat has always been an unavoidable factor in paper production. Other advantages are reuse of hot water during the bleaching process, for cleaning purposes, for heating of the plan, or the reduction in CO2 emissions.

As far as chimney draught control, which is used in several places in the paper production process, such as with boilers or during paper pulp production, there is a need to avoid relying on weather factors, such as wind, barometer readings, and temperature. exodraft’s chimney fans provides complete draught control by always maintaining a uniform and precise level. The primary advantage of adding a mechanical chimney fan to your plant is reduced energy consumption as a result of permanently optimized conditions. exodraft’s chimney fans are independent of external factors that may impact chimney draught. They reduce energy consumption, thereby improving the bottom line.

exodraft can help your paper factory by evaluating how much heat may be recovered and where heat recovery can be implemented for the greatest possible effect. By using our heat recovery units and mechanical chimney fans, production costs can be cut, and energy consumption can be reduced significantly. Today, paper factories have huge environmental impact due to the large amounts of CO2 emitted, wherefore it is no small matter that a decrease in energy consumption also reduces the company’s CO2 footprint, enabling the company to present itself as more climate friendly.

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