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About Exodraft

Who is Exodraft?

Exodraft is a Danish owned company that has for over 60 years developed, manufactured and sold chimney fans to control chimney draught.

Over the last 10 years we have also developed to be the market leader in products for- and knowledge about industrial heat recovery

With sales in more than 40 countries and the best product range on the market, Exodraft is the world leader in solutions for mechanical chimney draught and heat recovery from flue gas/process heat.

Our products are built on a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between combustion and chimney draught, and we solve problems with insufficient chimney draught for households and businesses alike.

With our heat recovery solutions, we help a large selection of different industries convert hot flue gasses from waste heat to utility heat.

Numbers of sold fans
Years of experience
Completed heat recovery projects

Products for every challenge

Exodraft chimney fans are available in various sizes and capacities to meet the diverse needs of both private homes and large industrial plants.

Our industrial heat recovery solutions are suited for any number of industries and processes. Thereby, we help companies convert waste heat into utility heat, benefitting both the environment and the bottom line.

All our solutions are approved in terms of both national and international regulations and meet the highest standards for safe use.

Our products can solve any chimney draught problem. We provide solutions for:

  • Wood-burning stoves (gas)
  • Ovens in bakeries
  • Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves for solid fuels
  • Fireplaces in restaurants, pizzerias and bars
  • Small boilers for oil, gas or biofuel, such as pellet boilers and pellet stoves
  • Systems with multiple boilers where several boilers are connected to the same chimney
  • Heating installation, oil, gas or biofuel stoves for heating where several floors are connected to the same chimney e.g. apartments

Our history dates back to the year 1957 in Sorø, Zealand. Here, the unique idea to construct a chimney fan that can be mounted on the top of a chimney in order to achieve optimal venting for fireplaces, stoves and boilers was born.

Exodraft is committed to constantly develop and improve our ISO 9001 system with the aim to fulfil our customers’ expectations to our products and services in all respects.

At Exodraft we know that our products function perfectly. However, you have 6 months right of cancellation when you buy Exodraft products, should you, contrary to expectation, regret your purchase.

See which jobs we have available right now. We have opportunities within several different fields and in various parts of the concern – both in Denmark and abroad.