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Street Food

streetfood chicken cover

Chimney fan for production of street food

Street food is often made over an open flame fuel by things like gas, coal, or wood. And regardless if street food is served from a mobile cart or a food truck, as they call them, or if they are served from a street food arcade, the challenges associated with an open flame and chimney draught remain the same.

streetfood chicken
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Chimney fan for food trucks with street food

A food truck will naturally be equipped with a very short chimney, where it will be near impossible to achieve sufficient natural draught. When the chimney is short, it will be hard to light the fire, and the food truck will fill with smoke

A smaller model of exodraft chimney fans will be the solution here. This will ensure correct draught, uniform cooking, and a good inside climate / work environment for the personnel staffing the food truck.

Chimney fan for street food arcades

In street food arcades, much of the food is also prepared over an open flame. Some of the challenges are similar, but here the difference is that many different kitchens are usually clustered together, each with their own exhaust. Because of that, the chimney draught may reverse without mechanical chimney draught control.

With an exodraft chimney fan, you avoid reverse draught, and the chimney can be constructed with any number of turns and the desired length.

The guests will enjoy it too

When there is appropriate draught in the chimney, smoke will not end up inside, which both guests and staff will appreciate.


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