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Barbeque / grill

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Chimney fan for grill, fire pit, or barbecue

More and more restaurants offer to prepare food over an open grill, a fire pit, or a barbecue, right in the restaurant. The result is delicious food, which guests look forward to tasting, since they witnessed the preparation.

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Serious chimney draught requirements

An open grill, fire pit, or barbecue is very demanding of the chimney discharging the smoke, however. It will often be insufficient to rely on natural draught, which is why an exodraft chimney fan is the only solution.

Advantages to using a chimney fan with indoor barbecuing/grilling are:

  • Easy lighting
  • Minimizing steam, smoke, smells, and greasy exhaust
  • Removal of excess and unpleasant hot air
  • Eliminating the risk of CO poisoning and smoke escaping
  • Removing combustion particles from gas-, coal-, and wood-burning installations
  • Maintaining a pleasant kitchen and dining room, which benefits both staff and guests

We can calculate which chimney fan you need, so you are sure to get the optimal solution for your particular open grill, fir pit, or barbecue.

Chimney fans are always installed with a controller that enables regulation of the draught. Another option is automatic draught control, which is self-regulation and therefore ensures perfect draught at all times.

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