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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for industrial bakeries

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Uniform chimney draught = uniform results

Modern bakeries require efficient production with high quality and adaptability. The perfect bread in a modern bakery oven requires precise control over:

  • Temperature
  • Air circulation
  • Humidity
  • Heat distribution

The desired effect of gas and oil-fired ovens depends upon the right flue being available, and in this case the natural chimney draught is not enough.

The atmospheric pressure, the outside temperature, time of year and the wind conditions all influence the chimney’s ability to create draught. If the wind and weather conditions are poor, the oven’s control will compensate by using more energy. However, this will also mean uneven and unsatisfactory production results.

natural chimney draught
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An exodraft chimney fan system adjusts the flue to a desired level, and the chimney fan’s control will ensure that the required draught will be maintained. The result is an oven that works in optimum, consistent and controllable production conditions.

Heat recovery from hot flue gas

In many bakeries, hot flue gas is conducted directly out of the chimney. This happens even though the flue gas contains large amounts of energy, which can be collected and reused. Therefore, you can save money and be environmentally friendly.

The exodraft CHR is a compact air-to-water heat recovery unit with an integrated bypass function, which is specially designed to absorb energy from hot flue gas.

The heart of the unit is the actual heat exchanger, which utilises the heat from the passing flue gas in an efficient way. The untapped excess heat energy is automatically circulated around the heat exchanger through the bypass function.

The entire system is easy and intuitive to control thanks to the EHC20 controller, which controls the bypass damper, central heating pump and mixing valves. This guarantees that the circulation only occurs when it is needed and if the water has the desired temperature.

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