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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for breweries and distilleries

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Companies are often faced with the dilemma of making production processes as efficient as possible, while utilizing resources to their full extent.

Heat recovery is a process that converts excess heat, which would otherwise be wasted or sent into the atmosphere, into useful energy that can find practical use in the production or elsewhere. For breweries and distilleries where the alcohol production requires high temperatures, it is particularly attractive to utilize heat recovery in the production system.

There are many benefits associated with reusing excess heat.

In breweries, for instance, you can reduce CO2 emissions from those phases of production that entail significant heat waste, including herb cooking and fermentation, by using exodraft’s heat recovery technology. In distilleries, where the intent is to increase the alcohol percentage in the product, large amounts of hot water are used, which is normally store in tanks.

This heat, which frequently dissipates into thin air, can be reused by conversion to energy. Thus, breweries and distilleries can benefit greatly by installing exodraft’s heat recovery system, which reduces the amount of energy that is wasted during these phases of the alcohol production, thereby eventually bringing down production costs.


exodraft is appropriate for a vast array of industries and offers options for reducing cost and improving production efficiency by recovering heat from the production process. Once you have equipped your business with the proper exodraft heat recovery system, the investment quickly pays for itself within a few years.

It is not only beneficial for you company in terms of energy savings and cost reductions, it is also good for the environment when you consider the reduction in the CO2 footprint that results from this.

Chimney draught control is another important factor. You should have the ability to control flue gasses and steam in the production process effectively without relying on external factors like weather or outside temperature.

Especially in breweries where boilers are used, exodraft’s mechanical chimney draught control can be used to control for uniform chimney draught for the purpose of saving energy.

By installing our mechanical chimney draught control, which maintains a consistent draught level without any need for manual control, breweries and distilleries save resources by adjusting to the changing external conditions. Thus, the system saves energy and other costs, while reducing production time.

Before our engineers install the system, they first outline need and feasibility by studying the brewery/distillery in question. When the production analysis is completed, the precise exodraft product that is needed for optimal heat recovery in the system is installed, e.g. our BP500 heat recovery unit, bypass valve BD350 (single or separate chimney) or a channel fan customized for the production process.

Via our team of qualified engineers, exodraft provides every single customer with a unique solution that contributes to predicting how much energy can be saved in your brewery, distillery, or similar company. Once you have received an evaluation of your potential cost reduction, you are one step closer to a more efficient production system, which benefits both your company and the environment. 

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