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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for metal processing

Metal Processing

Companies often look to utilize all resources in the manufacturing process as efficiently as possible, regardless if this is done through recovery methods or via direct processes in the production. Heat is also a valuable resource that can be recovered in a great many industries and reused for any number of purposes. exodraft’s heat recovery systems and mechanical chimney draught enables the utilization of waste heat, which would otherwise just disappear into the atmosphere during production process, thereby reducing production cost.

More than 95% of the heat can potentially be recovered using our expertise. Because of the work processes in metal processing, there is a lot of waste heat that can be recovered easily. The metal is heated until its melting point, then cooled for the purpose of restructuring it and produce various products. The process involves heat treatment at a number of varying temperatures in ovens in order to produce various metal objects.

Implementing exodraft’s heat recovery systems for metal processing involves, first and foremost, the identification of major heat sources at various stages of the production cycle. Compact heat exchangers are placed strategically to capture the excess heat. The recovered heat is converted into hot water and may, for instance, be stored in buffer tanks at the desired temperature. There are several processes in metal processing, where heat can be recovered, such as the annealing and quenching processes, where the metal is heat treated at high temperatures and then cooled down. Temperatures and exhaust gasses in this phase can range between 250°C and 750°C, depending on the metal.

Metal joining such as soldering and brazing also offer the opportunity to recover waste heat, where soldering takes place at temperatures up to 450°C, and brazing takes place at temperatures over 800°C. Thus, there are plenty of options for heat recovery in metal processing plants, and the recovered heat can be used in the production process, for cleaning, for heating, for resale to the central heating authority, etc. All these options have the primary advantage of reducing production cost while increasing revenues.

exodraft’s mechanical chimney fans stabilize draught in pipes and chimney, optimizing the effect and making the quality of the processed objects uniform. This is done completely without influence from external conditions, such as wind, outside temperature, humidity, and barometer reading. They reduce energy consumption, and thus production costs associated with the metal processing process. Several processes in metal processing, such as melting and casting producers, generate exhaust gasses at high temperatures, which enables heat recovery.


Our engineers deliver a customized heat recovery solution to your company. Initially an analysis of potential heat recovery and necessary chimney draught control will be developed. Our OptiCalcHR-software illustrates how much heat can be recovered from your production process, while we will help you calculate how much you save in operating costs and CO2 emissions. Once the system is installed, you can monitor the heat recovery level in real time by using our Trendlog software.

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