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Safe Plate (SP) 80-500

The high-temperature heat recovery units in the Safe Series from Exodraft recover unused energy from flue gases and process air. The units are designed to operate in flue gas temperatures up to 400 °C on air side.

The housing of the Safe Series units consists of stainless steel 1.4404 (internal) and 1.4301 (external) and is protected against radiation losses with a highly effective insulation while a built-in drain ensures disposal of condensation.


Flue gas and process heat

The highly efficient plate heat exchangers, which consists of stainless steel (copper brazed joints) is distinguished by its robustness and its efficient heat transmission, courtesy of its unique design.

The plate heat exchangers are quick and easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance, thereby reducing the maintenance work to a minimum of time. When no heat is required the hot flue gases or process air are passed through an integrated bypass. This bypass protects the system from overheating and is also activated if heat consumption no longer occurs.

Additionally, the bypass prevents critical pressure loss. The Exodraft heat exchangers have a minimal space requirement due to their compact design. Not suitable for solid fuel units (wood, coal, biomass, etc.).

The Safe Plate units come with four lifting eyes which can be repositioned, allowing for both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations. As an alternative to the standard copper brazed heat exchanger, the Safe Series also offers a nickel brazed option that is more suited for installation in corrosive environments.

The Safe Series units are intended for indoor installation, but can be installed outdoors if the unit is covered/encapsulated properly.


The complete system

With our efficient air-to-water exchangers, modern chimney technology and smart controls, we are able to supply a unique solution that benefits your production and economy, as well as the environment.



  • Handles flue gas temperatures up to 400 °C
  • Integrated bypass damper to protect unit from overheating
  • All parts in connection with flue gas made in stainless steel 316 (EN 1.4404)
  • All external parts made in stainless steel 304 (EN 1.4301)
  • 40 mm insulation
  • Maximum pressure water side of heat exchangers 12 bar (190 °C plate temperature)
  • Designed for indoor use. Can be used outside if the product is covered / encapsulated
  • Possibility for nickel brazed heat exchangers in harsh environments
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 Didn't find the right solution?
Safe Plate (SP) 80-500

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