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The EFC18 control is a manual 9 speed control with an integrated automatic start/stop for the Exodraft chimney fan.

The integrated boost function makes it easier to troubleshoot when lighting and nine different settings makes it easy find the optimal setting for lighting, refueling and continuous heating respectively.

The EFC18 comes with a temperature sensor for mounting under the chimney fan.


The EFC18 is a control that activates the chimney fan by pressing the button once on the control front panel. During the first seven minutes, the start operation will run the chimney fan at full power in order to prevent smoke and particles from escaping into the room during lighting.

When the start operation ends, the draught will return to the last set level.

Before adding more wood to the fireplace, the control button has to be pressed once. The control provides, as at startup, an additional three minute boost to prevent smoke and particles from entering the room while the stove door is open. At the same time, the combustion kicks in quickly.


The temperature sensor of the EFC18 control detect the end of combustion (the threshold value of 20, 40 or 80 ° C, as measured under the chimney fan, is adjustable) and automatically stops the chimney fan after another 45 minutes. This function ensures that all the combustible material is used and thus provides a safe and efficient fuel utilization.

A REPSW2x16 repair switch or similar must be installed on the chimney for the EFC18 control.

Please note: The EFC18 must be installed by an authorized electrician.

Technical specifications
Product range

Description EFC18
Height (mm) 85
Width (mm) 85
Depth (mm) 32,5
Max. load 1,2 A
Fuse T 1,25 AH
Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Sensor workspace -50 ºC to +400 ºC
Ambient temperature 0 ºC to +40 ºC
Density Class IP 30
Material ABS
Colour White

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