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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for the aluminum industry

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Companies often face the paradox of having high costs due to energy consumption, while realizing that a lot of energy, especially in form of heat, is wasted in production. If heat dissipated into the atmosphere could be captured and reused in the production process, it would mean significant savings in the company’s  operating costs. exodraft’s solutions for heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught make it possible for the company to utilize thermal energy by transferring waste heat to hot water for later use. In aluminum production, more than half the heat used in production will be lost into the atmosphere along with flue gasses reaching temperatures in excess of 100°C.

The heat recovery process works by placing heat exchangers strategically in those parts of the aluminum production where large amounts of heat are generated, and then converting the captured waste heat to hot water, which can be stored in buffer tanks. Preheating of combustion air can reach temperatures as high as 750°C, and normally is never lower than 550°C, making the profitable sources for heat recovery.

During the primary aluminum refining process, large amounts of heat disappear while bauxite and coke are removed by calcining, which produces steam at temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

Other production processes, such as melting and secondary melting also enables the recovery of huge amounts of heat that would otherwise be wasted. By exploiting this waste heat, you gain several advantages.

The primary advantage of using an exodraft waste heat recovery system is the cost reduction associated with reusing the heat directly in the aluminum production. The recovered heat can also be used for cleaning. Furthermore, this reduces energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. By reducing CO2 emissions, the fees are obviously reduced as well.

When producing exhaust gasses that must be controlled in order to ensure their leaving the production area efficiently, chimney fans are used. exodraft’s mechanical chimney fans control the chimney draught efficiently, reduce energy consumption, and ensures uniform product processing.

Our team of experts uses exodraft’s software OptiCalcHR to calculate the amount of recoverable heat, along with the reduction in CO2 emissions.

We are talking about a chimney draught and heat recovery analysis of the aluminum production area. The analysis indicates the heat recovery potential, estimating your savings and evaluating when the investment will have paid for itself, which often happens very quickly. As soon as the exodraft solution is installed, our Trendlog software will help you monitor the heat recovery and energy savings in real time.

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