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pizza oven cover

A fan for your pizza oven – no more smoke in the kitchen!

A true Italian pizza is baked in a pizza oven under high temperatures, reaching up to 600 °C. The high temperatures allow the pizza to finish baking in just a few minutes, helping preserve the flavour, aroma and texture of the pizza’s individual ingredients.

In many pizzerias, the pizza oven and stoves are situated in the same kitchen. In these cases, high-capacity extractor hoods for the stoves can interfere with the natural draught in the chimney of the pizza oven and cause smoke to be drawn out into the kitchen. The result? A kitchen full of smoke and bad odour.

The solution

Chimney fan type RSHT from exodraft is the ideal pizza oven fan. It is designed to handle peak flue gas temperatures up to 700 °C and continuous flue gas temperatures up to 500 °C.

The RSHT fan, with its axial fan and horizontal discharge, guarantees a controllable negative pressure throughout the chimney’s flue run, preventing smoke spillage into kitchen as well as improving combustion and fuel economy.

rhst chimney fan italy


Model Fan Capacity Voltage
RSHT 09 Axial 350 m3/h 1x 230V
RSHT 12 Axial 720 m3/h 1x 230V
RSHT 14 Axial 1300 m3/h 1x 230V
RSHT 12 Axial 2350 m3/h 1x 230V


Which RSHT model is best suited for your pizza oven(s)?

In order for us to determine which RSHT model is best suited for your pizza oven, we need some more information from you first. Most importantly, we need to know the size of your pizza oven and the diameter of the chimney flue. Contact us now and we will assist you in making the best choice for your situation.

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