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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for dairies


Recovery of waste heat is an obvious option for a great number of industries, so they can utilize excess heat generated during the production process, by converting it to hot water for later use. First, the production plant is analyzed to pinpoint sources for waste heat, after which heat exchangers and chimney fans are installed, so they can recover the waste heat and minimize energy consumption.

exodraft provides solutions in heat recovery and chimney draught for the dairy industry. It is our goal to help minimize energy consumption in the processes of the dairy, and to improve the efficiency of the production phase by exploiting all resources and reducing production cost.

In dairies, the most important heat source is the pasteurization process, where the milk is treated at high temperatures in order to eliminate pathogens.

This is accomplished with boilers that use fuel oil to generate steam. During this process, the boiler also generates large amounts of flue gasses that can reach a temperature of 250°C.

exodraft’s heat recovery system works by installing heat exchangers that can collect the hot steam and transfer the heat to hot water for later reuse.

The hot water is kept in buffer tanks to maintain the temperature for later use. Refrigeration equipment used to keep the milk cold and maintain quality is also a significant source of waste heat.

CHR-P application

Flue gasses leaving the boilers during the pasteurization of the milk are plentiful and high temperature (up to 250°C). By using exodraft’s mechanical chimney fans, you attain full draught control with and a uniform product flow.

Dependence on external conditions is eliminated completely, since our chimney fans always provide consistent draught regardless of weather conditions. This benefits the company by reducing energy consumption and ultimately saving money in the production process.

However, reduced costs are not the only advantage of our heat recovery system and mechanical chimney fans. Thus, there is a great and positive impact on the environment due to reduction in CO2 emissions. exodraft’s OptiCalcHR software helps calculate the amount of heat that can be recovered in your specific plant, and it also calculates the estimated cost savings.

The investment pays for itself very quickly, ensuring significant earnings in the long term. After exodraft’s heat recovery system is installed, the Trendlog software provides a stable overview of the recovered heat and the total energy savings in real time.

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