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Bypass Damper

The Exodraft Bypass Damper is used in exhaust systems to control the hot flue gases/process air to the Basic Plate heat recovery devices. A Bypass Damper is used primarily for larger boiler systems, industrial processing plants, or commercial systems. All parts in contact with flue gas are made from stainless steel EN 1.4404. All exterior parts are made from stainless steel EN 1.4301. An integrated electric motor opens and closes the damper.

Power supply and start/stop signal come from an external Exodraft panel, and is not a part of the Bypass Damper.

The Bypass Damper has a safety spring return, causing it to close automatically in case of a power failure.



  • Max. temperature 600°C.
  • The Bypass Damper is not to be used as a draining point in an exhaust system.
  • As a rule, the Bypass Damper is only for indoor installation.
  • Installation outside requires extra shielding.
  • Flue gas / process air must be of a quality (particle free) that will not, over time, cause the damper to be filled with residue that can affect the function of the damper.
Technical specifications
Product range

Type: BD250 BD350 BD400 BD500
Bypass-motor type NFA 10Nm GK24A-1 40Nm GK24A-1 40Nm GK24A-1 40Nm
Power connection AC24…240V, 50/60Hz/ DC24…125V AC/DC 24V AC/DC 24V AC/DC 24V
Power consumption (in standby mode) 6 (2,5) W 11 (3) W 11 (3) W 11 (3) W
Weight 30 kg 72 kg 70 kg 68 kg
Input (spigot end) 250,5 mm 350,5 mm 400,5 mm 500,5 mm
Outlet (connector) 251,2 mm 351,2 mm 401,2 mm 501,2 mm

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