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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for painting & drying facilities

Industrial Painting

Improving system efficiency in industrial processes is considered one of the most important factors for increasing profits. Therefore, companies are often looking for options to exploit resources to the fullest. Heat (or thermal energy) is also a resource for manufacturing companies, but it is often overlooked, in spite of being a valuable resource that can reduce production costs significantly. exodraft’s heat recovery systems and mechanical chimney draught provides companies with the valuable option of exploiting any heat normally released into the atmosphere during the production process.

The heat is used for any number of purposes, which in their totality reduce costs, CO2 emissions, and energy consumption. exodraft’s heat recovery systems can help your company recover up to 95% of wasted heat. In the industrial paint industry there are benefits to recover heat from the hardening process. Even though heat recovered in the industrial painting process is often at the lower end of the temperature scale, there is still significant possibilities of increasing earnings and get fast returns on investment.

exodraft’s heat recovery system uses compact heat exchangers to capture waste heat and convert it to hot water for later use. The two common oven types for hardening paint are infrared ovens and convection ovens. With convection ovens that are often fueled by gas, the exhaust gasses are discharged at high temperatures reaching 165°C. Infrared ovens are usually more efficient, and exhaust gasses leaving such systems have a relatively low temperature of no more than 115°C. The heat can be used for any number of purposes, including cleaning of equipment and the plant or for heating. Of course, it can also be sold back to the central heating utility.

First of all, exodraft’s heat recovery systems help you reduce costs in the painting process, thus increasing revenue. exodraft’s chimney fans use up-to-date technology to maintain consistent draught in pipes and chimneys. This draught does not rely on external conditions. This benefits your company, since optimal draught conditions reduces energy consumption, so you can enjoy reduced costs while also protecting the environment and the climate by reducing CO2 emissions. We offer a series of chimney fans, which can be customized to your system and to your particular needs.

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exodraft’s engineers help your company by providing tailored solutions for heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught that suits you – and only you. First, the production process is analyzed, and our OptiCalcHR software is used to estimate your savings, the amount of potential heat recovery, and the reduction in CO2 emissions. Once the entire system has been included in the calculations, installed, and commissioned, you can use our Trendlog software to monitor heat recovery levels in real time. Data can also be compiled over longer periods to enable data analysis and determining where improvements can be made in the future, and how you can make the most of the waste heat from the production process.

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