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exodraft flange systems are used to mount the exodraft chimney fan on to chimneys.

This creates a stable and safe access between the chimney and chimney fan.

The flange is made of stainless steel and ensures that the chimney fan is on a flat surface.


The use of flanges avoids the need for elbow fittings when installing the chimney fan and there is no steel on steel installation, which can lead to unwanted noise and vibrations.

The flange is supplied with four vibration dampers that reduce vibrations between the chimney fan and chimney and form a stable base for the chimney fan.


The flanges are available in various standard sizes that fit most chimney openings. If our standard range does not fit your chimney, it is possible to order special sizes (surcharge applicable).

The FR Flange fits chimney fans with a square base, while the flange FR-02 fits chimney fans with an octagonal base plate.

Technical Specifications
Product Range

Square flange for steel chimneys

Type Chimney width* Dimension For Chimney Fans:
FR1 125, 150, 175, 200 mm 272 x 272 mm RSV009, RSV160
FR2 125, 150, 160, 175, 200, 250 mm 310 x 310 mm RSV012, RSV200, RS009, RS255
FR3 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 350 mm 395 x 395 mm RSV014, RSV250, RS012, RS014, RS285
FR4 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm 500 x 500 mm RSV016, RSV315, RS016, RSV400, RSV450

Octagonal flange for steel chimneys

Type Chimney width* Dimension For chimney fans:
FR2-02 150, 160, 200 mm 310 x 310 mm RS009-02
FR3-02 150, 200 mm 395 x 395 mm RS012-02

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