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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for industrial printing works

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Production plants often face the question of what to do with excess heat that is generated in production and sent out into the atmosphere, which not only pollutes the environment, it also requires chimney fans and similar equipment to control the disposal of unwanted gasses. This excess heat or “waste heat” is generated in various production phases and ranges between medium-high to high temperatures, depending on the plant in question. In industrial printing works, there are several processes that generate medium-high to high temperatures.

Industrial printing works may also involve packing processes for various commercial products. When the emission of waste gasses needs to be eliminated efficiently, chimney fans are used to control the draught in the chimney. Normally, chimney draught depends on external factors, such as wind, pressure, and temperature. These factors are easily overcome with a chimney fan. exodraft solutions for heat recovery and chimney draught control reduce energy consumption and thereby production costs.

The heat recovery process works by installing heat exchangers that capture the generated waste heat, which is then converted into hot water for later use. The hot water is stored in buffer tanks in order to maintain the temperature, and it can also be converted into steam for use in the production process. In industrial printing works, waste heat generation takes two forms, namely waste heat from liquids and waste heat from gasses. As to waste heat from gasses, was gasses leave the boiler at temperatures as high as 220°C, disappearing into the atmosphere, while smoke from typesetting machines is discharged at temperatures up to 120°C. In this case, two heat exchangers are needed to capture waste heat from the boiler area and from the typesetting machine.

CHR-P application

By using exodraft’s efficient and compact heat recovery system, industrial printing works can achieve heat recovery levels of up to 80%. Therefore, it is clear that heat recovery systems constitute a lucrative opportunity to utilize waste heat and save production costs.

As far as chimney draught control, exodraft delivers chimney fans to provide a consistent chimney draught, which work independently of external conditions. Regardless of air temperature, wind, or pressure, the flow of gasses will be consistent owing to the technology developed by exodraft. Thus, are chimney fans provide a great advantage by reducing energy consumption.

It is important that companies take environmental responsibility. That being said, we are obviously focused on the financial savings as well. We have invested in this, and we can realize significant savings by reusing the heat from our ovens.

Lars WildenschildManaging Director - FJ Industries

Contact exodraft’s technical team. They can calculate how much heat can be recovered, and then assist you in evaluating how soon the investment will pay for itself. This not only benefits your company by reducing printing costs, it also benefits the environment. With lower energy consumption comes lower CO2 emissions. This way, you will both save money on CO2 fees and reduce environmental stress. In addition to installing heat recovery systems, exodraft also provides services, such as personnel training and technical support.

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