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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for juice & cider production

juice production

The ‘food & beverage’ sector is among the largest industries in the world, thus representing a production process that requires constant innovation and efficiency in the production phase in order to survive in a market with very intense competition. To achieve this competitive edge, it is important to utilize resources as efficiently as possible during the production phase, reducing cost whenever possible.

Juice production in the food & beverage industry constitute a large share of the total sector, making it possible to reduce the highest costs by exploiting the air discharged in several places in the production process.

exodraft provides solutions for the juice production industry, among them our advanced heat recovery system and mechanical chimney fans, reducing energy consumption, cost, and CO2 emissions.


While the amount of heat that may be recovered usually depends on the size of the industry, the production process for juice is quite representative, enabling the conversion of large amounts of waste heat to hot water, which may be stored for later use, for instance.

The heat that escapes during several parts of the juice production, such as during pressing or pasteurizing is usually moderate to low temperature. The heat is recovered and converted using exodraft’s heat exchangers to convert hot air and steam into hot water.

This means that heat exchangers can be used either to convert steam to hot water for later use or to reuse the expelled steam directly in the production process.

The pressing process in juice production generates large amounts of steam, enabling exodraft’s heat recovery system to utilize the heat again elsewhere in the production.

Similarly, the temperature during the pasteurization process that serves to inactivate pathogens reaches up to 90-100°C, and the process of bottling the juice, where the containers are filled with hot juice and cooled down immediately, reaches 100°C.

Thus, exodraft’s heat recovery system is beneficial in several ways that can be implemented as part of the juice production, where the heat can be reused in several ways.

The how water that is set aside can be used for cleaning the plant, washing fruit, cooling, or it can even be returned to the utility. The heat can also be used in the production process, depending on the quality of the recovered water.

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exodraft’s mechanical chimney fans can also provide extensive advantages. They can be configured to various stages of the juice production and control the draught to perfection. It provides energy savings and a uniform production flow.

Under normal circumstances the draught in pipes and chimneys depends on several external factors, such as outside temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind. These factors never behave as desired, but rather they vary considerably from one moment to the next.

This is not a desirable situation, when you aim for stability and uniformity. With exodraft’s chimney fans, you become entirely independent of external conditions. They ensure an even draught at all times at the desired level. Regardless of temperature, humidity, or pressure, the draught will be controlled.

In the production process, this can reduce energy consumption to a very large extent, thus reducing production costs.

When we engage in a new project, our engineers start by establishing the amount of energy you can expect to recover in your specific production plant. After completed calculations, system design, subsidy applications, installation, and commissioning of the system, you will soon gain an overview of the return on investment.

This is not just an advantage for the plant, but also for the environment. By reducing your total energy consumption, you can reduce CO2 emissions for your industry, as well as paying less in CO2 taxes.

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