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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Auto manufacturing is an industry that releases large amounts of waste heat into the atmosphere. Waste heat is generated in form of exhaust air at various points in the production and assembly processes. First, the production plant is analyzed to identify the primary sources of waste heat in the auto manufacturing process, where after exodraft’s heat recovery system is installed to convert waste heat into hot water.

The hot water can be stored in buffer tanks, for instance, from where it can be used at the desired temperature and in the desired amounts. Typically, chimney fans are used to control the flow of exhaust gasses from the production process. These chimney fans are completely independent of external conditions, such as barometer reading, air temperature, and wind conditions.

There are several processes in automotive manufacturing, where it is very advantageous to implement heat recovery with the resulting cost reduction in the production phase, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions. It is the case for all production companies today that a reduction in CO2 emissions equals a reduction in operating costs.

The hot water from heat recovery can be used in several ways, such as for heating, cleaning of the production plant, steam production, or it can be reused in the production cycle. In the automotive industry, production is very energy-heavy, and there are many benefits to having an exodraft heat recovery system.

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The use of exodraft’s mechanical chimney fans has similar advantages. Energy consumption is reduced, and product flow becomes uniform.

When the energy consumption is reduced, production costs will also become less, thereby giving the manufacturer a competitive edge in the market. Mechanical chimney fans also have the advantage of reduced energy consumption resulting in reduced CO2 emissions.

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In a market with rising energy prices, where the focus is on the efficient use of resources and restrictive requirements are applicable to CO2 emissions, it makes sense to take advantage of the considerable amounts of energy present in flue gases, steam and other heat processes.

It is often recommended that heat recovery takes place in conjunction with processes where heat is generated that would otherwise have been vented through a chimney.

We at exodraft are experts that are able to assist companies in energy recovery from flue gas, process heat and steam.

The recovered heat can be used for heating buildings and industrial water, used in production or possibly sold to district heating systems.

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