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Heat recovery and mechanical chimney draught control for slaughterhouses / meat processing plants

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Reduced production costs are often the impetus for giving companies an extra competitive edge. These costs depend on several factors. One is the efficiency with which the production processes utilize the delivered resources, and much of them are often wasted in the production process. Heat is one of these resources, and a lot of it tends to be wasted in the production process. In meat processing plants (or industrial slaughterhouses) there are several processes, e.g. when using boilers or rendering fat, where high temperatures are discharged into the atmosphere. This heat could have been used to great benefit in numerous and more advantageous ways.

exodraft’s heat recovery systems solve the problems of unused waste heat by capturing the heat energy where it appears in the production process and, for instance, storing the heat in form of hot water in tanks for later use.

Along with this heat recovery system that exploits wasted heat, our mechanical chimney fans reduce energy consumption and optimize efficiency by keeping the chimney draught at an optimal level at any given time without relying on external conditions.

Furthermore, heat can be captured from things like boiling equipment, where the blood is removed from the meat. Here, boiler steam and flash steam constitute the two primary sources of heat, which can reach temperatures upwards of 140°C. Other heat sources include heat from boilers, refrigeration condensers, oil boilers, and desuperheaters. Once this heat has been recovered and converted into hot water, it can be reused in a number of ways.

The primary method of use is to reuse the heat in the production process for preheating. Other options are using the heat for cleaning or heating purposes. In case more available heat is produced than is needed, the excess heat can be sold to the central heating utility. As a whole, this reuse results in reduced production costs, which can prove very beneficial in the long run.

Our experts are happy to help with the background information for you to make a well-informed decision through analysis of your production scope. With our OptiCalcHR software, we can carefully calculate your cost savings by determining the amount of recoverable heat, as well as which exodraft solutions will enable this in the best way. The investment pays for itself in a short time, and cost reductions can be seen as soon as you start using the system. exodraft’s products also have a great positive impact on the environment, since reduced heat and energy consumption results in reduced CO2 emissions. If modern industries institute waste heat recovery as standard, it could result in a huge reduction in CO2 emissions globally.

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