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Commercial kitchens

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Commercial kitchens often place high demands on extraction to keep the work environment pleasant and healthy.

The use of gas or wood-burning units quickly causes the temperature to exceed 60 °C, which is usually considered the limit for a conventional ventilation system.

In these cases, there is a need for an exodraft solution, that, depending on the model, can withstand up to 500 ° C and discharge several thousand cubic meters of air per hour in a safe and efficient manner.

High fat content – quick and easy to clean

In kitchen environments where grilling and frying is prevalent, grease deposits tend to accumulate in the ventilation systems etc.

In order to achieve acceptable sanitary conditions, frequent cleaning is required, which can be resource-demanding and disruptive of the daily kitchen operation.

If no cleaning is done, the accumulation of grease in the ventilation system can lead to increased risk of fire, odour pollution of the neighbourhood and soiling on the surface of the roof.

With the special grease chimney fans from exodraft, you can avoid all these issues. The GSV exodraft chimney fan is designed so that the grease in the flue gas is deposited on the chimney fan’s support plate, after which it will flow into a special container that can be emptied as needed in a simple and safe way.

Regular cleaning of the chimney fan is of course necessary, but the GSV has been designed so that it can be easily opened and cleaned.

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