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Bars & Pubs

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Fire contributes to warmth and a great atmosphere in your bar or pub

All guests will thoroughly enjoy visiting your bar or pub, if an open fire is visible in a gas fireplace or a woodburning stove. But the enjoyment will soon end, if they smell smoke or poorly combusted gas – and you get irritated, if lighting the fire is difficult.

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Don’t let lighting problems steal your joy

Do you have occasional problems with lighting your fireplace or woodburning stove? If so, you are not alone. One in four has problems, and in the vast majority of cases, it is due to insufficient chimney draught. Fortunately, this is easily fixed.

With a chimney fan from exodraft, you can light a fire easily and quickly regardless of wind and weather conditions, and it gives you a number of other advantages:

  • Avoid smoke and smells – the chimney fan ensures sufficient draught to propel the smoke away, so you avoid smoke and smells inside.

  • Get a healthier indoor climate – The chimney fan pulls microparticles and ash dust out of your bar or pub, giving you a healthier indoor climate, both when the fire is burning, and when you are cleaning the fireplace.

Get the best solution for your bar or pub

Today, it has been documented clearly that a chimney fan is the safest choice if the draught in your chimney is insufficient. You can get exodraft chimney fans in various models.

Which model to choose depends on the typical wind conditions, and the placement of the chimney on your building. Of course we will guide you in selecting the right solution.