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    Freedom when building

    An exodraft chimney fan system completed our new house extension

    We live in an older farmhouse and wanted to build an extension. We all agreed that light is very important. Therefore, our solution was to build a glass wall between the new and the old building.

    The glass portion should be a kind of conservatory that together with the stove should contribute to heating in winter. The stove should of course also make it comfortable.

    We wanted to retain the architecture. In order not to affect the architecture of the house and to prevent the chimney from ruining the view of the new extension, it was very important for us that the chimney be as low as possible.

    The risk was also high that the chimney would not suffice but also that the smoke could cause soot build-up on our glass roof in a short time. No soot and no noise as in “the old days”

    The solution was that we installed an exodraft chimney fan and that was the right choice for us and for our house. We have the desired chimney height and we have had no problems with the chimney or smoke build-up.

    This solution not only gave us freedom while building but also there was never any soot deposit on the stove’s large glass door and the oven did not create “dust” as it did with the old stove without a chimney fan.

    Posted by cst / Posted on 10 Mar
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