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Oil and gas boilers

Air is an essential part of the combustion process and there will not be an optimal result if the air supply is not regulated.

Causes of inadequate draught The chimney draught is influenced by factors such as the height and width of the chimney as well as external factors such as temperature, season and wind conditions, and the existing draught does not necessarily match the fluctuating draft requirements of one or more boilers.Oil and gas boilers

An exodraft chimney fan system for an oil-fired boiler optimally controls the draught and takes into account the changing draught requirements of the boiler.

In gas and oil fired boilers, the efficiency of the system depends on the fact that the correct draught is provided.

If the chimney is not properly controlled, it can lead to:

  • Unnecessarily high fuel cost
  • An increase in the emission level
  • A shorter lifespan of the installation

An exodraft chimney fan system regulates the draught to the desired level, and the control ensures that the desired draught level is maintained.

The result is a boiler which is always operating under optimum, consistent and controllable conditions.



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