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Visit us at exodraft-heatrecovery.co.uk and find out more about our solutions for heat recovery.

In a market with rising energy prices, where the focus is on the efficient use of resources and restrictive requirements are applicable to CO2 emissions, it makes sense to take advantage of the considerable amounts of energy present in flue gases, steam and other heat processes.

It is often recommended that heat recovery takes place in conjunction with processes where heat is generated that would otherwise have been vented through a chimney.


We at exodraft are experts that are able to assist companies in energy recovery from flue gas, process heat and steam.

The recovered heat can be used for heating buildings and industrial water, used in production or possibly sold to district heating systems.

Up to 80% of the energy can be recovered

The energy loss from flue gas or process heat is typically 10 to 15%. With the heat recovery solution from exodraft up to 80% of this heat can be recovered.

The effective use of surplus heat combined with a competitive price means that the investment in an exodraft heat recovery solution, in most cases, is amortised within two to three years.

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CHR-P + CHR-P-S-industrial-application

Individual calculation for your business

With our simulation software exodraft OptiCalc HR ™, we can individually calculate how much energy your business can save with an investment in an exodraft heat recovery solution.

You then have a complete overview and your decision is made on a sound basis.

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