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The exodraft EW 41 remote control is used to regulate chimney fans with fireplaces that use solid fuels for example fireplaces or stoves. The chimney fan can be turned on and off and the speed can be regulated using the EW41 control panel. The control panel stores the last settings and you can read consumption data directly from the display.EW41_web

The temperature sensor automatically monitors the system’s operation and protects against capacity overload should there be any errors. If the fireplace is lit without first turning on the EW41 control, the system will start by itself.

If the hearth is cold, the chimney fan automatically turns off, so that the heat is not sucked out of the apartment.

Trouble-free lighting thanks to the Auto Boost feature

Once the EW41 control has been started it will run at maximum speed for seven minutes. This reduces the heating phase and the fire is ignited faster.

Help during refueling

When the fire is low, the control sends a signal to refuel. When you refuel and activate the control panel, the chimney fan will run at maximum speed for three minutes.

This prevents the smoke from entering the room and at the same time the new fuel will ignite faster.

The control panel monitors the performance of the chimney fan and triggers an alarm when:

  • the maintenance switch is off
  • the power supply to the chimney fan is interrupted
  • it is disconnected from the control box
  • there is a risk of a chimney fire due to an increased chimney temperature.

The EW41 uses radio waves (Z-Wave), this provides a unique safety and reliability feature as all instructions have to be confirmed.

Frequency 868,42 MHz
Protocol Z-wave
Range Up to 12 meters in building
Control box:
Dimension (W x H x D) 122 x 120 x 55 mm
Density class IP 64
Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Temperature sensor 50 ºC – +450 ºC
Operating temperature -30 ºC – +60 ºC
Power output 2 A
Fuse   T 2.0 A
Material ABS
Standby power 1 W
Control panel:
Dimension (W x H x D) 130 x 100 x 44 mm
Material ABS
Operating temperature 0 ºC – +40 ºC
Density class IP 20
Battery 4 AA batteries (LR6)
Battery life(estimated) 1 year
EW41 signal amplifier
Signal amplifier (repeater), which is used when the signal from the wireless remote control is too weak

Assembly set for EW41
Assembly set if the chimney fan has to be mounted on a steel chimney.
Power cord for the EW41 control panel
Thanks to the power cord, it is possible to use the EW41 controller without any batteries
Control EW41
The EW41 is an remote controlled control for exodraft chimney fans. It has an automatic temperature control, a signal to refuel, a boost function and an automatic stop function. DIY Suitable
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