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The EAHC21 is an automatic control system for up to two heat recovery units (standard). It is designed to be used in conjunction with exodraft chimney fans and heat exchangers. The heart of the EAHC21 system is a WAGO PLC control with various digital and analogue I/O modules connected to terminal blocks for easy interface. A 7” touch screen allows for monitoring and configuration of the system.

The EAHC21 control monitors and maintains specific pressures and temperatures by controlling the speed of a chimney fan and by regulating the water temperature in the hydraulic system. It also monitors the pressure loss in the heat exchanger as well as other critical values in the heat exchanger system. The different pressures in the system are measured by XTP 150 sensors and the temperatures by PT1000 sensors. If the pressure and temperature setpoints of the system reach critical levels, a warning will be shown on the display and an alarm relay will be activated. The touch-enabled display gives the user the option to monitor the values of both the flue and hydraulic systems. The latest warnings and trend curves are visible for both systems. With a flow meter installed, the user can continuously monitor the production (kW) of the system.


  • y Input and output to 2 heat recovery units and 2 buffer tanks
  • y Remote access via web server
  • y Easy installation
  • y Expandable I/O capacity
  • y Multiple bus compatible (BACnet,MODBUS/IP, KNX, PROFIBUS)
  • y Integrated touch display with userfriendly interface
  • y 3 standard motor configuration options
Description EAHC21 TRIAC
Height (mm) 700  700 700
Width (mm) 500
 500 500
Depth (mm) 250  250 250
Rated Current  4A  20A  25A
Voltage 1 x 230V, 50Hz
1 x 230V, 50Hz  3 x 400, 50Hz
Temperature 0 to 55°C
 0 to 55°C  0 to 55°C
IP-rating / Material IP54/Steel  IP54/Steel  IP54/Steel
Weight 30kg  30kg  30kg
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