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The exodraft chimney fan RS255-285 is a special exhaust fan for hot flue gases.

It is mounted on top of the chimney and has a horizontal discharge. The chimney fan ensures an optimal chimney flue regardless of location, size and height of the chimney. It can be used for both new and existing installations.

The chimney fan RS255 and RS285 are equipped with a centrifugal impeller with curved cast aluminium blades.RS_255-285_web_wide

The chimney fan is part of an exodraft system and must be connected to an exodraft control. See below for matching accessories.


exodraft chimney fans are designed specifically for dirty areas and can withstand flue gas temperatures up to 250 ° C while maintaining continuous operation.

The chimney fan is made from corrosion resistant aluminium casings; all screws and bolts are made of stainless steel.

The RS chimney fan has an enclosed heat-resistant asynchronous motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings, which is protected from the flue gas and is cooled via a special cooling plate.

The cable is heat resistant and strain relieved and protected by a reinforced hose casing.

The chimney fan can be opened so that a chimney sweep can easily clean the chimney. In the discharge opening, a stainless safety mesh is mounted to protect fingers and birds.

  Rev / min. Voltage Amp kW Weight
RS255 1400 1 x 230 V 0.35 A 0.06 14 kg
RS285 1400  1 x 230 V  0.8 A  0.18 20 kg
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Round chimney fan. Capacity up to 1,200 m³ /hr. with impeller.
Round chimney fan. Capacity up to 1,850 m³ /hr. with impeller.

The EFC15 is a continuously variable electronic speed control for manual operation of exodraft chimney fans.


The EFC16 is a continuously variable electronic speed control for manual operation of exodraft chimney fans.


The EFC18 control is an electronic 9-speed control with an integrated automatic start/stop and boost function for the exodraft chimney fans.


The EW41 is an automatic remote controlled control for exodraft chimney fans. It has an automatic temperature control, a signal to refuel, a boost function and an automatic stop function.


The EBC20 / 22 is an automatic control for exodraft chimney fans on boilers and large systems.


The exodraft flange system is used to mount the exodraft chimney fan on to steel chimneys.

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