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The RHG160 is a chimney fan for use in combination with smaller gas fireplaces. The chimney fan has a horizontal discharge and an integrated monitoring system, which consists of a pressure control switch and a flow meter.

The chimney fan is installed on top of the chimney and provides a controlled vacuum in the flue pipe and chimney.RHG_web_wide

The chimney fan RHG160 ensures an optimum chimney draft regardless of location, size or height of the chimney; this solution can be used in both new and existing installations. The chimney fan is part of an exodraft system and must be connected to an exodraft EFC21 or EFC25 control. See below for matching accessories.


The RHG160 is made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium and is designed for operation in hot and corrosive environments.

The chimney fan withstands flue gas temperatures up to 200° C. The chimney fan has a centrifugal impeller that is enclosed with a heat-resistant asynchronous motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings that is developed especially for use in high temperatures.

The motor is placed so that it is protected from flue gas and a cooling plate ensures continuous cooling of the motor. The cable is heat resistant and strain relieved and protected by a reinforced hose casing.

All of these combined give the chimney fan high operational reliability and a long service life.

The built-in chimney fan pressure control switch is connected to the associated exodraft control that monitors the chimney flue. If there is not sufficient chimney flue then the gas supply is shut off and a gas leak is prevented. The chimney fan can be opened so that the motor can easily be reached and the pressure control switch can easily be adjusted.

  Rev / min. Voltage Amp kW Weight
RHG160 1400 1 x 230 V 0.3 A 0.09 10 kg
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The chimney fan RHG with horizontal discharge and centrifugal impeller is suitable for flue gases from open gas systems (fireplaces and boilers).
The EFC21 is a half-automated control with an integrated monitoring system that controls the exodraft chimney fan in connection with gas appliances. GASTEC – approved.
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