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The exodraft GSV chimney fan is an exhaust fan with vertical discharge. Due to the fact that the chimney fan is mounted on top of the chimney, a vacuum is created in the flue pipe and the chimney. The GSV is designed for applications where a large volume of fat is used and for a regular chimney fan a high and continuous cleaning is required.

The GSV is equipped with a special base and a pipe for fat drainage. As a result, the excess fat from the chimney fan flows into a collecting tray (optional accessory) or other collection device.RSV_web

The chimney fan is part of an exodraft system and must be connected to an exodraft control. See below for matching accessories.


The GSV chimney fans are designed so that they are suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 250 ° C.  The chimney fan is made of cast aluminium; all screws and bolts are made of stainless steel.

The GSV chimney fans are fitted with a centrifugal impeller made of cast aluminium and are typically used in large systems that require powerful suction.

The motor is an enclosed heat-resistant asynchronous motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings, which is protected from the flue gas. A special cooling vane wheel and cooling air slots safely ensure continuous cooling of the motor.

The cable is heat resistant and strain relieved and protected by a reinforced hose casing.

All of these combined give the chimney fan high operational reliability and a long service life.

The chimney fan can be opened so that a chimney sweep can easily clean the chimney. In the discharge opening, a stainless safety mesh is mounted to protect fingers and birds.

  Rev / min. Voltage Amp kW Weight
GSV315 1400 1 x 230 V 1.8 A 0.37 37 kg
GSV400 1400 1 x 230 V 2.9 A 0.37 47 kg
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A square chimney fan with vertical discharge. Capacity up to 3,000 m³ / hr. with single pole motor and centrifugal impeller.
A square chimney fan with vertical discharge. Capacity up to 4,400 m³ / hr. with single pole motor and centrifugal impeller.

The EBC20 / 22 is an automatic control for exodraft chimney fans on boilers and large systems


The EFC35 is a continuously adjustable electronic speed control for manual control of the exodraft chimney fans


The exodraft flange system is used to mount the exodraft chimney fan on to steel chimneys


The EFC16 is a continuously variable electronic speed control for manual operation of exodraft chimney fans


The collection container GCB (Grease Collector Box) is used to collect the running fat. It consists of a corrosion-resistant housing and a granular cushion that can be replaced easily.

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