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Wood Stove Filter in Copenhagen, Denmark

Woodburning stove in cozy orangery

In the backyard of one of the villas in Copenhagen, Vibeke Møller, a psychologist in private practice, has a orangery, which serves as her practice. Vibeke has had a woodburning stove installed to heat the orangery and because she is aware of the issue of particle emission, she additional has had a filter for woodburning stoves from exodraft installed.

Vibeke is so pleased with the filter she is also planning to install a particle filter on her other chimney as well.

A particle filter from exodraft contributes to a significant reduction in harmful particles and makes the woodburning stove an even more eco- and CO2 friendly heat source.

The exodraft ESP wood stove filter is designed to filter out hazardous and ultrafine particles from the flue gas of your wood-burning stove or fireplace.

The wood stove filter reduces the number of particles by 95% (fine and ultrafine particles) as well as reducing the total particle mass by 70%-75%.

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The filter removes up to 95% of harmful fine and ultrafine particles from the flue gas of wood-burning.

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