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Coziness by the fireplace and CO2-neutral heat

Visiting the beautiful Vedbæk

A married couple lives in the first row, right next to the sea, and has never gotten the most out of their open fireplace. The couple has experienced several challenges, including troublesome lighting and smoke in the living room. Since the challenges needed to be resolved once and for all so they could enjoy the fireplace during the cold winter months, the couple decided to contact Tobias at the local fireplace center.

When Tobias arrived, the couple were surprised to see that he was quick to spot that the fireplace would never function perfectly without an Exodraft chimney fan. To provide the couple with the best possible experience, the chimney fan was supplied with an Xzense control. It was installed during the morning, and the fireplace began working right away without causing any inconvenience to the couple.

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rsv chimney fan

The exodraft chimney fan RSV is an exhaust fan built with a strong vertical discharge.


With an Xzense control (in conjunction with an exodraft chimney fan system), you obtain full control of your fireplace and maximum comfort.

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