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So quiet that you forget it

front of waxy o conner

The added safety and environmental benefits of an exodraft chimney fan system.

Waxy O’Connor’s Celtic Pub in the famous Printworks complex in Manchester, accommodating up to 600 guests, has three themed bars on different levels, alcoves and open fires.

It also has the added safety and environmental benefits of an exodraft chimney fan system. It has been installed and maintained by Invent Limited of Ossett to perform reliably ever since, providing a controlled draught in the flue for a coal effect gas fire in the pub.

Fully certified fail-safe facility

The key safety factor applying only to exodraft chimney fan systems for gas fires is that, as well as ensuring that fumes and combustion products go safely up the chimney, its gas fire systems turn off the gas supply to the fire if the chimney becomes obstructed. As soon as the chimney obstruction is cleared, and the fan can draw a proper draught up the chimney, the gas supply can be restored and the gas fire lit as normal. 

An exodraft chimney fan system is the only one on the market that has a fully certified failsafe facility that provides both safety and the opportunity to have an open gas fireplace.

chimney fan on side of waxy o conner
waxy o conner details of door.

The importance of atmosphere

Talking about the exodraft system, Manager Kieran Poole said:

“It’s so quiet that I had forgotten we had a chimney fan system. It’s good to know that the chimney fan system gives us added safety as well as freedom from fumes and smells. The warmth of the open fires is a key part of the atmosphere of Waxy O’Connor’s and we can’t risk jeopardising that.”

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