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Large energy savings at FJ Industries

With headquarters near Odense, Denmark and factories in both Sweden and China, FJ Industries has been specializing in the production of sintered metal items for almost thirty years.

The production of sintered metal items is a lengthy process in which metal powder is subjected to massive hydraulic pressure in order to compress it into metal components that are subsequently heat treated in a tunnel oven.

During sintering in the tunnel oven, large amounts of heat are released in the form of flue gasses, and precisely this heat is, what FJ Industries along with exodraft saw an opportunity to reuse. By reusing waste heat from flue gasses, FJ Industries could reduce their CO2 emissions significantly – while also reducing their energy costs considerably.


FJ heat recovery metal
heat recovery at FJ industries

The heat recovery solution provided by exodraft converts the hot flue gasses into hot water which is subsequently used to not only heat FJ Industries’ premises, but also to heat bathwater and water for general purposes.

exodraft’s turn-key solution meant handling the company’s chimney structure, installing a chimney fan for draught control, running water pipes and doing plumbing work, as well as managing the heat recovery system via PLC. According to the CEO of FJ Industries, Lars Wildenschild, the implementation and the collaboration with exodraft went smoothly.

 “We have been met with great professionalism from exodraft, along with great flexibility, so the system we’ve installed accurately fits our needs.

Our results show that we have actual savings of about 2,700 euros a month – which means that the solution will have paid itself off in about 2½ years.”

Included in the solution, FJ Industries also has the option of monitoring their heat recovery continuously via a screen display, affording them a clear overview of how much heat has been recovered and how much money has been saved.

All in all, the heat recovery solution from exodraft leaves FJ Industries a more efficient and greener company.

Visit exodraft-heatrecovery.co.uk for more information on heat recovery and how it can benefit your company.

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