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Heat recovery at DOT in Køge, Denmark

With 7 production facilities located in both Denmark and Sweden, DOT is the leading Nordic full-service supplier of metal surface treatment.

We have visited DOT in Køge, Denmark, where they specialize in hot-dip galvanization.

On top of the savings and operative benefits, DOT has the ability, using exodraft’s Trendlog system, to assess remotely and monitor its generated energy savings. 

The remote monitoring is assessed via the internet and everything is seen in real time. 

heat measuring

Fill out this appraisal form to clarify your heat recovery potential:

How do you see your recovered heat being used (you can select multiple options)?:
Transferred to the district heating systemUsed in production processesHeating of factory, Warehouse or office premisesUsed for absorption chillers/refrigerationHot water for bathing facilitiesAir curtain & air heating systemsHot water for general cleaning/washing purposesOther

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The high-temperature heat recovery units in the Basic Plate Series from exodraft recover unused energy from flue gases and process air. The units are designed to operate in flue gas temperatures up to 600 °C.

cfi inline fan

The CFI heat-resistant duct fan can be freely adjusted and can be installed both horizontally as well as vertically in the vertical or horizontal part of the pipe system.

The fan generates mechanical draught in gas, oil and steam installations with a maximum flue gas temperature of 300 ° C.

Write us for a NON-BINDING suggestion as to how we can solve your chimney draught problems.