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Getting the fireplace going again – without smoke particles in the living room

Previously, the Damsted family’s fireplace was hardly ever used, because it was difficult to light and created a harmful indoor environment. A chimney fan from exodraft has the fire going in the fireplace once again – with an indoor environment that even the youngest member of the family can enjoy despite her asthma.

When the Damsted family from the Odense in Denmark bought a fireplace, they had the same dream as any other buyer: They wanted a cozy fire and natural heat in the home. It soon turned out, however, that keeping the dream alive was problematic: A short flue made lighting the fireplace difficult – and when there was finally fire, it was hard to keep it going. Moreover, the fireplace gave off quite a few smoke particles to the room, which was not good for the family’s youngest daughter and her asthma.

”It was so difficult to light the fireplace and keep it burning properly that we finally gave up and really didn’t use it. It wasn’t until we searched the internet and discovered exodraft´s chimney fan that we found the solution”, John Damsted says.

john damsted's white house with red roof
john damsted lighting the fireplace

The most important effect is a better indoor environment

For the Damsted family, better heat, more efficient combustion, and better fuel economy are not the most important effects of the installed chimney fan:

”Our daughter has asthma, which is why it bothered her a lot, when we used to have many smoke particles in the house because of the bad combustion in the fireplace. Here, the chimney fan makes a huge difference, because it removes the particles”, John Damsted states, before once again lighting the fire in the fireplace – easily, effectively, and without unpleasant effects on the indoor environment.

Danish Technological Institute approves study:

A chimney fan removes 80% of smoke particles. A new study approved by Danish Technological Institute shows that a chimney fan at the top of a fireplace installation removes 80% of the smoke particles that would otherwise often end up in the living room. This is very significant for the indoor environment – and for optimizing safety when using fireplaces.

In other words, a chimney fan is proven to be one of the best bets for a solution when it comes to the problem of particles.

John Damsted with blonde wife and dog

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