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Design dreams fulfilled

product photo of rs

A man had a vision, and thanks to his persistence he finally got what he wanted with help from Wakeford Fireplaces and exodraft

A developer took great pleasure in designing his own house. He had an eye for detail and when he was nearing completion, he wanted to install a fireplace, but not just any fireplace. To suit this exquisite and personally designed house, the fireplace also needed to have that perfect personal touch and he certainly had a very specific idea of what the fireplace should look like. And part of that design demanded a short flue.

No help offered

He visited several fireplace shops in the area, but unfortunately the answer was always the same: This is not going to work! No one was able to help him or in any way suggest any alternatives of interest, but he still held on to his vision for the fireplace and wasn’t about to give up that easily.

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chimney fan on steel chimney

Solution finally found

Finally he came upon Wakeford Fireplaces in Surrey, where he spoke to Adam Wakeford, the owner.

He explained his idea and the problems as well as the negative responses he had encountered so far. Luckily Adam Wakeford was familiar with exodraft chimney fan systems and had installed a number of systems with great success at several of his customers.

Adam knew the benefits of the systems and he was quite confident that this customer’s dream could come true using the exodraft chimney fan.

Adam Wakeford and Keith Brant from exodraft UK discussed the customer’s project and agreed on a recommendation. The solution proved to be a success.

The customer was delighted. He had the fireplace of his dreams and it all worked perfectly.

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