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Case: Gylve Setlo – open fireplace without smoke nuisances

Say hello to Gylve Setlo

Normally a fireplace equals warmth and coziness, but when insufficient chimney draught makes it difficult to light the fire and causes smoke and particles to spill into the living room, the fireplace quickly loses its charm.

This was precisely what happened to Gylve Setlo from Sannefjord, Norway after he installed an open fireplace in his home.

The chimney fan from exodraft mounted on Gylve’s chimney ensures an immediate and consistent chimney draught while simultaneously reducing the emission of particles by 80% in the living room and 20% outside near the chimney.

house in norway

If you want to know more about how we can help you achieve optimal chimney draught using a chimney fan as well, so you avoid smoke and unpleasant smells from open furnaces and woodburning stoves in your home, vacation home, or workshop, when contact exodraft. We have more than 60 years of experience with chimney draught control, and we stand ready to help you, both by e-mail and telephone.

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The exodraft chimney fan type RS are exhaust fans that are designed so that the smoke discharges sideways (horizontal).


The exodraft EW 41 remote control is used to regulate chimney fans with fireplaces that use solid fuels for example fireplaces or stoves. 

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