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Aafe bakery

aafe bakery heat recovery solution

Modern bakery and Just-in-Time deliveries all year long

Aafe Bakery is a part of a large catering company, which each day provides thousands of employees in southwest Germany with bakery products. Therefore, it is highly important that the company is able to deliver its goods everyday without any exception. Some challenges had to be solved, when the bakery needed renovation and had to be equipped with the latest technology.

Narrow settings for the renovation.

When renovating the bakery, four Hein rack ovens with integrated heat recovery system were installed.

The pipes for the ovens were placed with two ovens per chimney. Due to this unfavorable position, the chimney pipes had to be connected with the existing roof openings. It was not possible to create new roof openings due to static reasons. To make things worse, problems with the integrated heat exchanger occurred.

The integrated chimneys DN 200 were not able to guarantee a constant chimney draft during the entire working time. This was only achieved thanks to a mechanical exhaust system from exodraft.

Two RSV250 exhaust systems together with the automatic regulation unit EBC20 were used.

product photo of rs

exodraft is guarantee for continuous quality

It is rarely so when using baking ovens that they can function optimal by using a conventional chimney system and without any mechanical assistance.

A modern bakery and Just-in-Time deliveries all year long do not function well with an aging chimney, which has an oscillation of 40 Pa between summer and winter, as it reaches its max performance very quickly. 

Therefore, continuous and satisfactory baking results cannot be guaranteed. That is why any large bakery needs an exhaust system for their chimneys today.

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