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A difficult flue run

eglinton hotel with white front and trees

Installing a large stunning fireplace to create an impressive reception and entrance hall

During a complete revamp of The Eglinton Arms Hotel in Eaglesham architects Platform 9 International, that offers interior design and architectural services, were faced with many challenges, one of which was to install a large stunning fireplace to create an impressive reception and entrance hall.

A fireplace was the ideal option as a center piece of this room, but being centrally located and with bedrooms directly above, it made the installation of a real flame fire problematic.

The only real possibility was to utilize a redundant ventilation duct which was located more than two meters away from the ideal location of the fire.

This type of difficult flue run would never work naturally and safely so Platform 9 International involved exodraft to have a fan system designed to suit. 

Choosing the right fan system

Huge open fireplace operating impressively Having the largest possible fireplace with the best possible visual effect exodraft advised which fan system would work satisfactorily under the physical constraints.

Thanks to the guaranteed fail-safe operation of the exodraft system Platform 9 International could construct a 1200 x 1100 millimeter single sided fireplace in spite of the tortuous flue route.

The firebox was built in brickwork with a pre-manufactured concrete gather. It was connected to a twin walled flue running to roof level and terminating with an exodraft fan.

Eglington arms hotel with dark interior

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