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    Moorlands School boosts safety and its green credentials

    Installing a chimney fan system from exodraft has helped boost safety and green credentials at Moorlands School

    Moorlands Preparatory School in Weetwood, North Leeds has improved both the efficiency and the safety of its gas-fired heating system by fitting an exodraft chimney fan system to the newly reconditioned flue of the boiler house.

    The reliable controlled draught that the chimney fan system creates in the flue increases the efficiency of the gas boiler and will reduce fuel consumption, thereby improving the school’s carbon footprint and reducing its costs.

    The exodraft chimney fan system also increases safety, because it has a unique fail-safe system that cuts off the gas to the burner if the chimney becomes blocked or damaged.


    Moorlands School, a mixed independent day school for children from 2½ to 13 years, is the only school in Leeds preparing children for the Common Entrance examination at 13 years.

    It occupies a substantial 19th century stone building, complete with tower, that was once the home of Joshua Tetley, the brewery magnate. It has been a school since 1898 and has educated many of Yorkshire’s leading figures.

    The right chimney fan system

    Mark Manniatt of Firecraft (Yorkshire) Ltd, based in Leeds who both renovated the chimney with a new liner and installed the chimney fan system, explained that the principal problem during the installation had been removing the original ceramic (pot) chimney liner that had been installed during the 19th century.

    “Getting that out and putting a new liner in was a major job” he said. “By comparison, installing the exodraft chimney fan system was quick and straightforward”. Inevitably, while the chimney was being renovated, the heating had to be off for several weeks, and the school’s bursar, Charles Bailey, had to rapidly acquire a considerable number of electric fan heaters to keep pupils and staff warm and comfortable during December 2007.

    The work on the chimney and the installation of the chimney fan system was completed just before Christmas.


    ”Moorlands School is constantly looking to improve its facilities and its already excellent environmental record” explained John Davies, the school’s headmaster.

    ”Improving the efficiency and safety of the boiler system was an important part of that programme and will arhieve both cost and environmental benefits”.

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