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    A letter from Gray house

    Finally a perfect roaring fire without downdraughts – even in high winds

    Dear exodraft,

    “Last year due to the ever increasing price of oil we decided to install a multi fuel stove, which we also incorporated into our central heating system. Our house is located at the bottom of a valley about 1 mile from the North sea, therefor we installed the flue was on a westerly facing part of the house. This is the direction of the prevailing wind in this area, which can reach up to 70-80 mph during winter months.

    After we installed the stove and the flue it became apparent that the stove would not fire up due to extreme down draught. It filled my living room with smoke on one occasion. I started to have doubts whether a stove would work at my house due to the location and high winds during winter months.

    After searching the internet I found several websites and manufacturers of fans that would suit my stove configuration. However, I opted to use your fan as the website was very informative and had case studies that detailed how the fan unit can help with stove lighting problems.

    I submitted a design request to your company and within the day I had a reply advising me to install the RSV 9 fan unit. This was an additional expense that I had not budgeted for but the product was competitively priced and once I received the fan I felt I had got value for money. The fan is robust and manufactured from high grade components

    We installed the fan unit late September and our first fire using the fan produced results that just never would have been possible. The fan is silent when running and so simple to use and produces some roaring fires.

    We used the fan and stove throughout the winter and during 90 mph winds, even in these high winds, there was no downdraught and we got a perfect fire. The fan uses very little electricity, we haven’t even noticed any difference in our electric bills when using it !

    Our house is noticeably warmer now and my wife loves our new stove, it would not have been possible without your help and fan unit. In summary we have a lovely feature in our house, an alternative to oil (we stay in the country so oil is the main fuel source), we have made a major cost saving as we have reduced our oil consumption by 65%, our carbon footprint is also reduced by 65% .

    I would recommend your product and sales support/after sales support to anyone based on our experience over the winter months.”

    Kind Regards,

    John & Nicola Gray

    Posted by cst / Posted on 10 Mar
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