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    The EHC20 is an intelligent control for your exodraft solution for heat recovery. If the temperature exceeds the desired level on the water side, the EHC20 secondary flow valve opens in the heat recovery unit and directs the flue gas/vapour directly into the chimney.EHC20_web

    As a result, overheating is prevented and a safe operation is ensured.

    The EHC20 also controls a 3-way mixing valve, which ensures that a circulation to the collection tank occurs when the water has reached the desired temperature.

    If the water does not have the desired temperature, recirculation takes place to the heat exchanger until the desired temperature is reached.

    Overview of your energy savings

    You can constantly read how much energy is recovered via the heat exchanger. This way you can see the results of your investment. If the heat exchanger is unable to reach the desired temperature in the accumulator tank, the EHC20 can control an additional heat source, which can be started/stopped as required.

    Quick set-up with the Startup Wizard

    The EHC20 is equipped with a display that allows you to easily read and configure the values of your heat recovery system.

    The EHC20 is equipped with a Startup wizard for simple installation with which the most important functions can be configured, and from which eight predefined system setups can be selected.

    Height (mm)228
    Width (mm)180
    Depth (mm)53
    Display   Graphic LCD display, 128 x 128 points
    Power consumption 0,5-3 W
    Voltage100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    Internal fuse2 A
    Sensor inputs8 x PT10002 x Grundfos direct sensors 1 x RC21
    Workspace, sensorsPT1000                   -40 – 300 °C Grundfos direct 0 – 100 °C
    Network connectionsEthernet (optional) CAN bus
    Media for reading and writing     MicroSD reader
    Relay outputMax. 3,15 A 250 V AC/3,15 A 30 VDC (Load: 3,15 AT)
    Operating temperature0-40 °C
    Storage temperature0-60 °C
    Max. humidityMax. 85% humidity, no condensation
    Control EHC20
    Heat exchange control EHC Control for CHR-P heat exchanger
    Posted by bech_morten / Posted on 04 Jan
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