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Our Quality Objective

exodraft develops and constantly improves our ISO 9001 system with the aim to fulfil our customers’ expectations to our products and services in all respects, thereby creating confidence in the technical and market related capabilities of the company.

exodraft would like to ensure that customers feel that their views are heard and that the cooperation is uncomplicated and professional.

exodraft aims:

  • To deliver the right product at the right time
  • To work to achieve a high level of satisfaction among customers and other interested parties by providing a service that exceeds expectations
  • To contribute to overall employee training and development in order to meet the guidelines and objectives
  • To meet all the requirements of customers and official institutions regarding our products
  • To take preventive measures to address any deviations

Quality Objectives

  • < 3% of annual complaints for controls
  • < 2 % of annual complaints for chimney fans
  • Min. 90% of the participants in the customer survey must state that they are satisfied or very satisfied
  • Analysing the labour process and taking at least 6 preventive measures every 12 months